I am an interdisciplinary artist with an animation and character design focus.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres from UWM’s Peck School of the Arts in 2013. My husband and I then relocated to the Pacific West Coast. I currently work at LAIKA, a stop motion animation studio in Oregon. I love exploring the PNW with my husband and friends, and in my spare time I make/sell AiryBEASTS.

Brooke Duckart – Animation Reel – 2013 (FINAL) from Brooke Duckart on Vimeo. [Watch my reel directly on Vimeo for a full reel breakdown and timecoded links.]


Please check out:

NEWS (my Blog) on this site, which will mostly be centered around my life and my artwork, but with an occasional side-track on things that inspire me, make me laugh and/or simply make me smile. Feel free to browse, read along, and please share your comments and ideas with me.

• my Vimeo page for some of my animation and film work.

• my Flickr photostream to see more of my artwork and check out some of the fun things I have been up to.

• my LinkedIn page for my full resumé and endorsements.

• my Tumblr for an ongoing collection of other artists’ illustrations and animations that inspire me.