Animated by: Brooke Duckart
Music by: Gogol Bordello (with permission)

Peck School of the Arts :: 2013


Senior Screening TONIGHT!

My animation is part of Peck School of the Arts’ Senior Screening tonight (Friday, May 17th) at UWM’s Union theater. See you at 7pm!

Why am I so nervous about this?!

“God-like” Animated by: Brooke Duckart Music by: Gogol Bordello (with permission)


Third Coast (UWM Film Archives) PRESS:  “cat WACO” by Brooke Duckart

“Third Coast is an online archive that showcases the finest film and videos produced by artists’ associated with UW-Milwaukee’s Film Department. Supplied from alumni, faculty and students our goal is to preserve the department’s stature as well as give lesser-known artists’ a place to be seen. Each week we will unleash a world of new and old material for your viewing eyes along with supplemental artist bios.”

Third Coast’s review of “cat WACO”

Muybridge in Metal

For my “Intro to Metals” class, I made an Eadweard Muybridge tribute in Metals. I constructed a Copper Zoetrope and pierced Brass slides with his “Galloping Horse.” This is a Stop Motion I made with the completed work.

For the curious, in-progress documentation can be seen here – flickr.com/photos/brookeduckart/sets/72157625144309896

Two Big Projects

I have been a busy woman lately, so I am sorry that updating this Blog hasn’t been my highest priority as of late, but here’s a little update:

Over the last couple months, I have been planning for two very exciting projects. Big projects. The kind of creative projects that make me both thrilled, brimming with smiles, and at the same time a bit terrified – ha!

One of them is a stop motion Music Video I am creating for my Senior Project. First off, I cannot believe that this is my Senior Year, and that I graduate from UWM this December! Wow. Secondly, I cannot believe the opportunity I am getting for for my Senior Project. The Music Video is going to be for a band I adore, the amazing, Gogol Bordello(!!!) Oh man, I think I am still in minor shock over this fact. Awesome.

The Second project I am working on is equally as exciting. I get to be the Lead Animator on a Narrative Short Film. I get to collaborate with an incredibly talented artist and her team. I am not sure how much I can say at this stage though, but I will share more soon, I promise.

Stay tuned for updates, there will be plenty as I plan to keep thorough documentation of both these projects.

Oh yeah, and wish me luck!


The Babysitter’s Dangerous Contradictions

In Spring 2010, I took a course called “Appropriation, Installation and Participation” (ART-327) and for one of the projects we could either write a proposal for a Remix piece, or actually create one ourselves out of appropriated materials.

I decided to challenge myself to create one. I wanted to do something nostalgic, so I started looking through 1980’s materials. After a lot of brainstorming, I decided to focus on 80’s television, as I was one of the lucky youth that was often placed in front of the T.V. as a distraction; the television was my pseudo babysitter at times growing up.

Eventually, I narrowed my collection down even further into 80’s commercials and PSAs. I tried to pull out some disturbing themes I noticed in my collecting, especially information that I found contradicting. I wanted to underscore that the “babysitter” wasn’t presenting a clear message; I wasn’t truly being taken care of.

The assignment I turned in was a much rougher edit of the video you see now within this television framing. Without the television, the concept was too loose when I handed in my assignment, and as a Remix – it was very poor. I got a decent grade for my hard work but I missed the boat. I hadn’t altered the clips enough to make something completely new out of them, because I had left the individual fragments fairly intact on purpose trying to experiment more with the idea of remixing the “babysitter,” but this didn’t come across.

Although I still wouldn’t call this a “remix,” maybe more of an experimental piece, I am hoping that the concept comes across now. I believe the addition of the Television framing, and tighter edits, provide a better presentation of the discourse I was trying to work out with the 80’s video clips and the babysitter’s dangerous contradictions.

[Student work]

“Pints & Pencils” on ThirdCoast Digest

In August, I was randomly contacted by the wonderful Valerie J. Christell (Artist, Gallery Director/Owner/Curator, Instructor at Alverno College, and Arts Writer for ThirdCoast Digest.) Valerie had heard of an event my friend Jared Plock and I have been putting on, called “Pints & Pencils,” and was hoping that we would come meet her for an interview. She wanted to do a write-up about the event for ThirdCoast Digest.

Jared and I started “Pints & Pencils” last December, when I first met Jared. We had gotten into a conversation that night (over a beer) about the idea of getting creative people together for drinks and drawing games. “Pints & Pencils” was slowly born out of this idea, and has grown into a creative social event, much bigger than either of us had imagined. We were more than happy to meet with Valerie to tell her more about it.

We met up with Valerie in the Third Ward, at her gallery Merge to answer her questions, and to chat with her about art. The result of this meeting was posted up on their website today.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the write up.

Thank you Valerie!


Come out and join us for some “Pints & Pencils” this Friday! It’s our “Back 2 School” edition on campus at the Gasthaus pub (located in the basement of the UWM Union.) We’ll be there from 5-11 p.m. for sure, possibly later depending on where the night takes us.


[Side note: I recommend you check out the current installation up at Merge: “War: Humanity in the Crosshairs.”]