My 2013 Animation Demo Reel

[vimeo 69586693 w=650]

[00:03] “The Cucaranchula”
[00:42] “Muybridge in Metal”
[00:48] “cat WACO”
[01:11] “Motion Monsters”
[01:32] “God-like”

[Note: Watch on and timecodes will link directly into reel.]

[00:03] The Cucaranchula • A short film written and directed by Kate Balsley. For this short film, I designed and animated the 2.5D sequences, I planned and machined-out the armature parts (with my metals instructor, Frankie Flood’s guidance), constructed and fabricated the full spider armature puppet myself, I animated and shot the stop motion sequences, and I executed the puppet tricks during the live action scenes with the Actors on set. The short is not available to watch in-full online yet, but check out some of the production documented here =

[00:42] Muybridge in Metal •  I constructed a copper Zoetrope with pierced brass slides of  Eadweard Muybridge’s “Galloping Horse.”  Production documented =

[00:48] cat WACO • An animated music video for Screamin’ Cyn-Cyn & the Pons. The concept is my adaptation of their lyrics and I designed and constructed the set, props, and all of the characters myself. This was the first stop motion animation I had ever done and it was created without any screen grabbing software assistance, taken on my Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS, and edited it all together in Final Cut.  Full animation =  Production documented =

[01:11] Motion Monsters • These are a couple clips from a bigger series I did for, I did the motion-capture, the cutting up and prepping 2D drawings for animating, then the character animating and FXs for each clip. The clips I show here were created out of the character drawings and video footage contributions of the following members: sojushots, pprescott, MelonBerri, Jerryliufilmmaker, SRL73, 12.42, OliviaAbtahi, adhgraphicdesign, roketsientist33, and Jane_TH.

[01:32] God-like • An animated music video to the song of the same title preformed by Gogol Bordello. The concept is my adaptation of their lyrics, I designed the characters, and did all of the animation and recording. Full version =


A special thank you to Ryan Patrick for permission to use his tune “Ba Da Dop Bop Bop” for my reel’s soundtrack.


He wants to be an owl…

A cute little raccoon that dreams of being an an owl.

This is a digital remix of some of my “raccoonbear” illustrations, my “glamorous parakeet” illustration, and some new tweaks. Its creation was (as well as a few other new pieces you can find up on my Flickr account) inspired by a collaboration started on hitRECord.

“4 more?” on RedBubble

I decided to give RedBubble a try. My illustration “4 more?” is now available in my RedBubble Portfolio. You can buy a print of “4 more?” in many formats, you can get the illustration on a T-shirt or on baby clothes, but for whatever reason I am most excited about the stickers. I don’t know why, I just am.  Stickers.

4 more? By Brooke Duckart is available on RedBubble
"4 more?" By Brooke Duckart

A cute little octopus with only 4 balloons.

Method: Pen & India ink illustration on clay board. Subtractive details made with scratch tools and techniques. Digital clean-up & tweaks.

Interview with Ashley Spencer/Art is Everywhere

I was so excited, and honored, that Ashley Spencer wanted to interview me about my Scratchboard illustrations for her Art is Everywhere blog.

I love her blog (full of artistic inspiration) and her efforts to support artists and showing that Art is Everywhere.

She posted our interview up on her site, check it out!

Also, be sure to check out Ashley’s great mural work on Especially the site’s Gulf Coast Recovery Efforts.