My 2013 Animation Demo Reel

[vimeo 69586693 w=650]

[00:03] “The Cucaranchula”
[00:42] “Muybridge in Metal”
[00:48] “cat WACO”
[01:11] “Motion Monsters”
[01:32] “God-like”

[Note: Watch on and timecodes will link directly into reel.]

[00:03] The Cucaranchula • A short film written and directed by Kate Balsley. For this short film, I designed and animated the 2.5D sequences, I planned and machined-out the armature parts (with my metals instructor, Frankie Flood’s guidance), constructed and fabricated the full spider armature puppet myself, I animated and shot the stop motion sequences, and I executed the puppet tricks during the live action scenes with the Actors on set. The short is not available to watch in-full online yet, but check out some of the production documented here =

[00:42] Muybridge in Metal •  I constructed a copper Zoetrope with pierced brass slides of  Eadweard Muybridge’s “Galloping Horse.”  Production documented =

[00:48] cat WACO • An animated music video for Screamin’ Cyn-Cyn & the Pons. The concept is my adaptation of their lyrics and I designed and constructed the set, props, and all of the characters myself. This was the first stop motion animation I had ever done and it was created without any screen grabbing software assistance, taken on my Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS, and edited it all together in Final Cut.  Full animation =  Production documented =

[01:11] Motion Monsters • These are a couple clips from a bigger series I did for, I did the motion-capture, the cutting up and prepping 2D drawings for animating, then the character animating and FXs for each clip. The clips I show here were created out of the character drawings and video footage contributions of the following members: sojushots, pprescott, MelonBerri, Jerryliufilmmaker, SRL73, 12.42, OliviaAbtahi, adhgraphicdesign, roketsientist33, and Jane_TH.

[01:32] God-like • An animated music video to the song of the same title preformed by Gogol Bordello. The concept is my adaptation of their lyrics, I designed the characters, and did all of the animation and recording. Full version =


A special thank you to Ryan Patrick for permission to use his tune “Ba Da Dop Bop Bop” for my reel’s soundtrack.


Two Big Projects

I have been a busy woman lately, so I am sorry that updating this Blog hasn’t been my highest priority as of late, but here’s a little update:

Over the last couple months, I have been planning for two very exciting projects. Big projects. The kind of creative projects that make me both thrilled, brimming with smiles, and at the same time a bit terrified – ha!

One of them is a stop motion Music Video I am creating for my Senior Project. First off, I cannot believe that this is my Senior Year, and that I graduate from UWM this December! Wow. Secondly, I cannot believe the opportunity I am getting for for my Senior Project. The Music Video is going to be for a band I adore, the amazing, Gogol Bordello(!!!) Oh man, I think I am still in minor shock over this fact. Awesome.

The Second project I am working on is equally as exciting. I get to be the Lead Animator on a Narrative Short Film. I get to collaborate with an incredibly talented artist and her team. I am not sure how much I can say at this stage though, but I will share more soon, I promise.

Stay tuned for updates, there will be plenty as I plan to keep thorough documentation of both these projects.

Oh yeah, and wish me luck!